Hospitaly Kft.


The services of Hospitaly are dominantly related to the products developed int he past couple of years. Our services range from trainings related to the usage, running and development of our diverse medical systems – Hospitaly medMátrix and Hospitaly Inforend, to systems monitoring and support. Our goal is to provide systems and services that can be easily, conveniently and cost-effectively accessed and used. Naturally we are open to any kind of additional service requests related to our existing products. We are able to provide any kind of monitoring or counselling services in healthcare process assessment or development or in R&D projects.


Our company lays special emphasis on organizing trainings for its installed systems. Effective usage is largely affected by the know-how and practical experience of system users. It is our aim to support present and future clients with a multi-level training system.

Trainings for Users

Basic user skills related to the system and to management processes are conveyed though small group trainings.

Trainings for System Administrators

The training of system administrators happens in two steps. First, they get acquainted with the system on user level and then acquire all the information that is needed in order to understand deeper relations and accomplish daily backups and checking.

Managerial Trainings

Within a separate training, we support members of the management in fast and effective mastering of the managerial module in Hospitaly-medMátrix system.

System Monitoring

Two of our top priorities are the software monitoring and legal-regulation following services, through which the changes in legal regulations and intra-corporate mechanisms can be tracked and the software can be modified quickly and easily by the users themselves. This service is usually provided within the framework of flat-rate agreements, however we can provide for ad-hoc demands under standby contracts. Furthermore, we undertake to develop individual data query- and additional functions as well. Program maintenance can be tracked in the test and development logs. Hospitaly Kft also provides development capacities for the systems implementation of legal changes published in the Hungarian Bulletin (Magyar Közlöny). We regularly check the changes in legal regulations for each healthcare sector and adapt the Hospitaly systems accordingly for our contracted partners. Hospitaly Kft provides this service on any of its systems used by contracted partners within one month following the regulation change be it on sectorial or sub-sectorial level.


Hospitaly Kft. provides rapid and effective troubleshooting for the systems it operates. Our helpdesk staff documents bug reports arriving by telephone, fax or E-mail and, based on a perpetually expanded database, preferably provides immediate resolution, or forwards the problem to competent professionals. When such reports refer to hardware or communications problems they will be forwarded with appropriate description to the helpdesk of the cooperating company. There is a communication server dedicated to this task in our office, through which our experts are able to log into the server of the given company and recover the occurring software or database errors in a short period of time, during working hours. If necessary, we recover errors on site. For performing these tasks there are 5 ISDN2 trunk lines, 12 mobile phones and 5 passenger cars at our disposal. In addition, we provide our clients the opportunity for perpetual consulting in the field of management problems related to the system.