Hospitaly Kft.

"OnkoLogistic" – Oncology patient-flow managing system

Hospitaly Kft. developed a system for managing regional oncology patient-flow in close cooperation with a county hospital and a university as well as their expert oncologists. OnkoLogistic is a web based, thin client solution that stores data on a private cloud storage server. The Hospitaly team corroborated with IT and process management experts completely re-established the coordination and organization of care related patient-flow.

The advantages and benefits of the system:

  • No oncology patient can get lost in the system in between the different care providers and clinical departments.
  • The time lapse between the first date of oncological disease suspicion and the start of treatment is significantly lessened. Ideally tere are not more than 15-20 days between admission to the system and the first accurate diagnosis, followed by an OncoTeam decision within 30 days, and the treatment starts within the next 14 days.
  • There is an improved and measurable utilization of existing resources.
  • Each tumor patient is assigned to one oncologist following the decision of the OncoTeam.
  • No oncology treatment is possible without OncoTeam decision.
  • Due to the utmost importance of time in the treatment of oncological diseases, each patient’s case with a tumor suspicion gets priority in booking medical examination.
  • Examination, therapy and follow-up all happen with the support of organ-specific care processes.
  • This multifunctional IT system for managing oncology treatment also provides full-scale scheduling management.
  • Patient-flow managers save work time and energy for physicians and nurses.
  • Supervisor physicians guarantee the quality of patient care.

Application features:

  • Mobile architecture
  • Web based solution
  • Online connection to medical systems through HL7 protocol
  • Supporting national, regional and county operations.
  • May be implemented any time anywhere.

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The the Onkologistic software trademark was registered on April 5 2016. The registry number of OnkoLogistic: M1601197/4

The OnkoLogistic software is a registered intellectual property since October 24 2016. Its registry No is: 005322

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