Hospitaly Kft.

Hospitaly “medMátrix” Integrated Institutional Healthcare System

Hospitaly Kft is mainly present with its products and specialized solutions in the field of healthcare. However, upon request we are able to deliver unique developments or counseling services as well.

The flagship product of Hospitaly Kft is the medMátrix medical system.

The Hospitaly medMátrix system effectively supports the whole range of administrative tasks both for hospitals and outpatient clinics. It guarantees the systemic, simultaneous handling of all data, as well as their accessibility for all licensed parties with either interior or exterior licenses. The system provides for the IT processing and registration of any sections of the patient care workflow, from the first admission to the death of the patient, with all the financial and professional results of resource management and reporting, as well as the registration of patient history

Hospitaly medMátrix is a system designed, developed and run by Hungarian experts, which is successfully and flawlessly run in national institutions, county and city hospitals, outpatient clinics, private institutions and within the regional GP networks. Thus it is a type of ready-made product that is able support institutional structures from the simplest to the most complicated levels due to its adaptable settings. The Hospitaly medMátrix system with its flexible modularity satisfies any needs for scalability or change management. The large number of users are supported by a Hungarian-language manual and the easy to understand symbols.

The modules of the product are tailored to the needs of the two main types of our clientele:

  • Hospitaly „medMátrix” - Public Funded Medical System
  • Hospitaly „medMátrix” - Outpatient Clinique Medical System
  • Hospitaly „medMátrix” - Private Service Provider Medical System

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Hospitaly „medMátrix” - Public Funded Medical System

  • Almási Balogh Pál Hospital (Ózd)
  • Karolina Hospital-Clinic (Mosonmagyaróvár)
  • Misszió Healthcare Center (Veresegyház)
  • Specialist and Nursing Institute (Oroszlány)
  • National Institute of Clinical Neurosciences (Budapest)
  • Petz Aladár Teaching County Hospital (Győr)
  • Erzsébet Hospital (Sátoraljaújhely - Gönc)
  • Szent Donát Várpalota Ltd. (Várpalota)
  • Szigetvári Hospital (Szigetvár)
  • Pulmonology Institute (Törökbálint)

Hospitaly „medMátrix” - Private Service Provider Medical System

  • Apolló Private Clinic (Debrecen)
  • Dr. Gódor Health and Beauty Center (Dunakeszi)
  • Granmed Ltd. (Esztergom)
  • Inspiromed Ltd. (Budapest)
  • LifeLike Ltd. (Budapest)
  • Hungarian Hospice Foundation (Budapest)
  • Maternity Private Hospital (Budapest)
  • MES Ltd., (Budapest)
  • Multigon Ltd. (Budapest)
  • PentaCoreLab Ltd. (Budapest)
  • Reprosys Ltd. (Budapest)
  • Róbert Károly Private Hospital (Budapest)
  • Semmelweis Healthcare Provider Ltd. (Budapest)
  • Szent Lukács Private Hospital (Budapest)
  • Tamed-Ex Private Clinic (Siófok)
  • Tridermis Ltd. (Budapest)

Hospitaly „medMátrix” - Outpatient Clinique Medical System

  • Micro-Regional Health Center (Balatonalmádi)
  • Bodrogközi Micro-Regional Health Center (Cigánd)
  • Early Intervention Centre (Budapest)
  • Micro-Regional Health Center(Csenger)
  • Humanitarian Foundation (Budapest)
  • Eszterházy Health Centre (Szentlőrinc)
  • Generál Medicina Health Service Provider Ltd (Várpalota)
  • Micro-Regional Health Center (Ibrány)
  • International Medical Services (I.M.S.) Ltd (Budapest)
  • Neuro-CT Diagnostic Center (Pécs)
  • Micro-Regional Health Center (Rétság)
  • Micro-Regional Health Center (Sarkad)
  • Szent Márton Clinic (Pannonhalma)
  • City Council Joint Union Social Institution and Health Center (Tiszakéke)
  • Micro-Regional Health Center (Tokaj)