Hospitaly Kft.

Hospitaly „infoMátrix®” Management System (ERP)

The infoMátrix® Integrated Institutional Management System (aka ERP) was developed with the same developer tools and according to the same concept with the Hospitaly medMátrix Medical System. Its user surface, conventions, structure, functionality is entirely coherent. Its level of integration is best characterized by the fact that the itemized patient’s bill is available both form the healthcare and the management systems. The physician evaluation module is available from the management (finance and accounting) system and the medical-professional systems. Because of the special conditions of the healthcare system infoMátrix® provides a specialized financial module for the medical staff of the hospital, which is a huge help for the financial management.

The infoMátrix® software is an effective IT solution that supports the financial management and administration of healthcare institutions. Its development started in 1998 based on the experiences accumulated for years in operating of administration management software products. The system was first implemented after several thousand hours of development in 2001, and has become one of the most prevailing systems since, which proves its effectivity and quality. The system is a fully owned domestic development and not the adaptation of a foreign software, thus there are no enforced haphazard limitations. The system fully integrates with the domestic – and by now EU conform – business environment. infoMátrix® is a SQL based graphical software. This technology allows for enhanced data security and short response time. It has no special requirements for work stations, and its program code allows for streamlined data transportation, thus it can be implemented within any current IT infrastructure. The administration of companies with several locations can be managed via Internet connection. Our aim was to develop a software that is able to coordinate all relevant data of any company in a unified and integrated system, is able to protect the interests of owners through the carefully planned administrative processes, as well as to effectively assist the work of decision makers.

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