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Our customer services based on the ISO:9001 quality assurance system regularly asks clients about their opinion on our products and services. You can read below a selection of CEO level evaluations:

Mr. László János TAMÁS MD. General Director
Petz Aladár Teaching County Hospital (Győr)

The initial Hospitaly system was developed in 1987 based on the requirements of the ’Honvéd Kórház’ hospital in Győr. It was then followed by a DOS based system, and we have been using the enlarged and regularly developed versions of this system ever since. Since 2001 Hospitaly is the information system for our whole hospital with 800 simultaneously operating end users. The long time behind us firstly proves its reliability and user friendly qualities. The past decades have witnessed a lot of groundbreaking and still ongoing changes in terms of funding, data management and reporting regulations. It is of utmost importance for us that the system was always able to follow these changes on time without any hindrance. The developers have always been keen to find solutions to our needs. Today the system entwines the entirety of the hospital’s operations systems (from the finances, through drug management to laboratories) in such a smooth way that it is invisible for most users. The newly developed modules make us able to communicate with GP’s and to function as data providers for patients..

Ms. Eszter JOBBAN General Director
Misszió Healthcare Center (Veresegyház)

The Hospitaly Healthcare system has a transparent structure that makes it user friendly and easy to learn. The system’s flexibility makes it possible to adapt many of its modules to the needs of the institution. It covers the whole range of health-care services. The updates and developments are always delivered on time without fail.

Mr. Csaba ÓVÁRY MD. Medical Director
National Institute of Clinical Neurosciences (Budapest)

We have about twenty years of experience in using ICT systems developed for healthcare services, and I have personally worked with almost all leading systems used in Hungary. While each system has its strengths and advantages, Hospitaly is standing out among them either looking at everyday tasks, departmental physicians’ administration, or inpatient and outpatient care as well as reporting. It is user friendly, transparent, intuitive easily mastered and tailored to individual needs. There are no specific hardware requirements on client level and the system can be easily integrated with other commonly used hospital subsystems (drug and stock management, imaging, etc).

Ms. Gabriella ANTAL MD. General Director
Pulmonology Institute (Törökbálint)

...The Hospitaly software covers a wide range of healthcare services from inpatient and outpatient care to laboratory work. The variability of the software is exceptional, there is no task that could not be delivered with the help of Hospitaly.....
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Ms Katalin CSILLAG IT Head of Department
Nyírő Gyula Hospital – National Institute of Psychiatry and Addictions (Budapest)

The Nyírő Gyula Hospital – National Institute of Psychiatry and Addictions introduced InfoRend for the administration of its inpatient and outpatient care and has used this same system ever since. Among the many advantages of the software we would like to emphasize its logical and simple structure, reliability and the fact that its operation can be easily learned. We can only speak in positive terms about the support services: the developers always solve problems in a quick and professional manner.

Mr. Pierre DAHER MD. General Director
Koch Róbert Hospital-Clinic (Edelény)

...Some of the benefits of the system is its high level of integration.... and the wide ranging functionality, .......its pure and sleek surface underscores its transparency..
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