Hospitaly Kft.

May 2023

  • Bahrain-Hungary Medical Conference and EXPO

    We were invited and successfully participated in a two-day conference and exhibition in Bahrain organized with the participation of renowned Hungarian companies, where we presented our solutions and our experience in health informatics field to nearly 25 Hungarian equipment and pharmaceutical companies as well as medical start-ups. (First Bahrain Hungary Medical Conference and Expo).

    The first-of-its-kind event, organised by Bahrain-Hungary Relation, Friendship and Business Society, took place under the of Supreme Council for Health chairman Lieutenant General Dr Shaikh Mohammed bin Abdulla Al Khalifa By organizing the event, in addition to strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries, they aimed to encourage competition among Bahraini healthcare providers and develop the healthcare sector as the Kingdom aims to become a center for medical tourism in the region.

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February 2023

  • Hospitaly Kft. has developed its new WEB-based, 4-layer medical system, named "meDRix", after several years of development work. The most important capability of our new SMART-HIS software product lies in the management capability of the process and patient pathway.

    Our new WEB-based medical system supports the work of doctors, specialists and administrators in a process-centric approach instead of solutions focused on the preparation of financing reports.

    Patient care is documented and administered using the main process steps below, which can be structured according to task, size, type of financing, profession and individual expectations.

    In addition to documenting patient care, the system is also capable of following the patient journey and patient life journey, i.e. the system is not only a medical software, but also a patient journey management system.

    Cases related to the patient have stages that follow each other during care. These "clean" patient journeys make it possible to follow the professional process of care and the availability of related capacities and resources.


18 August 2021

  • 35 years ago today - August 18, 1986 - the first computerized final report using the very first version of the Hospitaly medMátrix Integrated Health Institution System was printed at the Honvédkórház in Győr.



29 January 2020

  • As we reported in a different form, our company - within the framework of a professional cooperation agreement - participated in a project called "Virtual research room", with which it carried out the examination of clinical hypotheses from health datasets with the involvement of mathematicians and Big Data methodology.

    At the end of the project, we participated in a highly successful scientific symposium, the central topic of which was artificial intelligence-based research of clinical patient life cycle data.


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10-12 October 2018

  • Our company introduced our newest product on Hungaromedica exhibition in October. We developed a system for tablet or mobile phone.  This special application is collecting data from the incubator.

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30 October 2017

  • Hospitaly’s newest product is ready! FESZmatrix is an independent, occupational healthcare software, which It fully supports occupational healthcare activities. FESZmatrix supports the entirety of administrative activities of occupational healthcare institutions, and can electronically manage and store all types of legally required documents. Our company won the tender to develop Audi Hungaria Zrt. occupational healthcare software. We’re proud of that our company is the supplier one of Hungary's largest multinational company.


    2017. október 30.

23 March 2017