Hospitaly Kft.

Mobile solutions

The dynamic spreading and popularity of mobile communication made it necessary for any IT developer firm on the healthcare market to launch products for mobile applications. Hospitaly Kft’s offers mobile solutions to be used ether on smart phones or tablets that assist professional at the patient’s bedside, or even during travel.

Mobile support for Emergency Care Unit

The ECU module assists the organization and coordination, as well monitoring of emergency tasks, thus allows for the real-time tracking of emergency patient care. The screen shows the current statuses of emergency patients listed in accordance with priority levels and the color chart of triage categories, such as initial diagnosis, lab-, x-ray, CT-MRI requests, state of physicians’ consultations, and the documents’ status. The module facilitates the monitoring of the Unit’s operations, the current location of patients, and resources can be easily optimized in the general workflow.

iKórlap – mobile patient-flow monitor

iKórlap is one of our most recent developments. With the help of iKórlap any GP in Hungary can access all their patients’ full medical history together with the data of their prescribed medications. iKórlap software is compatible with Apple iPad, Android and Windows 8 and 10 Tablets as well. With the help of this software GPs can access all the data of their patients registered in the National Health Insurance Fund system since 2001. We enhanced and enlarged this functionality by providing GPs access to any documents, images, (medical reports, findings, x-ray scans, etc.) of their patients stored within the interoperable medical systems (HIS) of the different health any care providers in the life cycle of the patient through an open source standard.

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Leading mobile application for patient care and patient chart administration

The application facilitates the administration of the patient chart. It also supports the documentation of protocol based patient care on the nurses’ side in hospitals. This mobile application successfully bridges the real-time, objective, and precise of data on the patient chart and the administrative duties of the nurse, allowing for a simultaneous registration of information, data and prescriptions within the institutional medical system and the healthcare documentation of the individual patient. The module complies with institutional quality management requirements.

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