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Hospitaly „Inforend” Integrated Healthcare System

InfoRend IT System supports the documentation and management of all medical-professional activities at healthcare institutions of all shapes and sizes. The system is based on the InfoRend database and its connected applications running an Oracle database server. The applied technology allows for the traditional server/client applications used via the Internet to operate as a unified system by connecting to a central database. Due to the elaborate integration of the most prevalent lab-, pharmacy- and management systems, InfoRend gives enough freedom to its users to keep or introduce their preferred, professionally accepted subsystems.

The very first version of the system set up in 1994 and the version based on Oracle technology was put into service by our first client in 2000. The first system module to be introduced was one for the administration of outpatient clinical care. It was followed then by the development of modules for the administration of inpatient-, and surgical care, diagnostic-, nursing- and statistical tasks. as well as by the growth of the number of institutions using the system. 2006 was another milestone in the life cycle of InfoRend. Our most important aim at that time was to develop a version suitable for web-based usage, however, developments still focused on making the functionality more comfortable. At present InfoRend’s development is guaranteed: the system will be completed with the functions required by the legal regulations we agreed to follow in the grant agreements, and based on our clients’ demands and feedback we constantly extend the services provided by the system by utilizing the developments in information technology. InfoRend’s exceptional variability allows for considering institutional specialties in the configuration of the operating environment and the administrative processes supported by the system. The development put special emphasis on user-friendly operating environment, consistent and structured design and creation of transparent software surfaces that facilitate fast data registration. A particularly important aspect was ensuring appropriate response times and reducing the labor input for operating the system while fully supporting the medical-professional needs. The permission system based on Oracle database management services supplemented with logging opportunities allows for safe system operation even with large numbers of users.

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Hospitaly „InfoRend” - Public Funded Medical System

  • Koch Róbert Hospital-Clinic (Edelény)
  • Nyírő Gyula Hospital – National Institute of Psychiatry and Addictions (Budapest)
  • Balassa János Hospital Tolna County (Szekszárd)