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Hospitaly "FESZmátrix" Occupational Healthcare Solution

Hospitaly’s newest product, "FESZmátrix” is an independent, occupational healthcare software, recommended for large companies, or occupational physicians, companies providing such services, who are seeking to lessen their administrative burden by means of a quick to learn and easy to use Windows software. The Hospitaly "FESZmátrix" a self-sufficient software in itself, while at the same time can be connected in an integrated manner to the Hospitaly "medMátrix" Integrated Institutional Healthcare System. According to our experience occupational healthcare activities are not limited any more to creating healthy work environments or preventing health damage but employers are more and more willing to provide quality healthcare services that include preventive medicine as well.

FESZmátrix content

The main characteristics of the product:

  • It fully supports occupational healthcare activities
  • Its desktop and web operation is guaranteed
  • Able to classify employees by company/plant location/plant
  • Several occupational physicians can work with it simultaneously
  • Employees can manage their appointments on-line
  • It supports accounting with contracted companies
  • The external documents of employees (medical reports, images) can be saved and retrieved

"FESZmátrix" supports the entirety of administrative activities of occupational healthcare institutions, and can electronically manage and store all types of legally required documents.

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