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Capacities for Innovation

The owners and staff members of Hospitaly Kft. are mainly engineers always striving to find product focused solutions. We are professionals relying on a high level of creativity while committed to provide premium quality services to our partners and clients. We are constantly searching for new solutions in an ever changing world of information and communication technology in order that our company and our partners can cooperate effectively.

The following short selection of our most important news bears witness to this.

February 2023

  • Hospitaly Kft. has developed its new WEB-based, 4-layer medical system, named "meDRix", after several years of development work. The most important capability of our new SMART-HIS software product lies in the management capability of the process and patient pathway.


    Our new WEB-based medical system supports the work of doctors, specialists and administrators in a process-centric approach instead of solutions focused on the preparation of financing reports.

    Patient care is documented and administered using the main process steps below, which can be structured according to task, size, type of financing, profession and individual expectations.

    In addition to documenting patient care, the system is also capable of following the patient journey and patient life journey, i.e. the system is not only a medical software, but also a patient journey management system.

    Cases related to the patient have stages that follow each other during care. These "clean" patient journeys make it possible to follow the professional process of care and the availability of related capacities and resources.

    Brief introduction to the solution:


  • Safer and higher-level hospital care becomes available with the help of our e-fever chart solution, which facilitates the work of clinical pharmacists and implements patient-level medication.  

    The objective of the project was to develop a solution based on mobile devices that facilitates a significant part of the administrative tasks of doctors and nurses providing patient care and supports the operation of the drug therapy team by collecting, evaluating and displaying the available health records in a structured way. 
    The development and testing of our e-fever chart solution, which was carried out with the help of specialists from the Karolina Hospital - Clinic, Petz Aladár University Teaching Hospital and Semmelweis University, with the involvement of the medical, nursing and drug therapy team, has been completed. 
    Clinical pharmacists played a key role in the implementation and testing of the system implemented within the framework of patient safety tender No. EFOP-2.2.18-17-2017-00018.
    The specification of patient-level medication was designed by Ádám Bertalan, the chief pharmacist of the Karolina Hospital in Mosonmagyaróvár, together with the IT staff, in such a way that it can meet the specific administrative needs of the centralized patient-level medication operating in Mosonmagyaróvár and the hospitals with different dispensing machines.


    The e-fever chart interface, which can also be viewed on a mobile device, contains the administration of patient-level medication in a form that is sufficiently transparent and flexible to handle. The transparency of therapies is a key issue both from the point of view of therapy planning and the presentation of medicines, so the table-like display was created on the model of medication sheets used on paper as well.

    Hospitaly e-fever chart - overview of drug therapy: Screenshot1

    Hospitaly e-fever chart - prescription sheet: Screenshot2

    Hospitaly e-fever chart – lab results: Screenshot3


  • Az EESZT Információs Portálon lekérdezhetőek az EESZT kompatibilis rendszerek jegyzéke, amelyben mindkét termékünk - a Hospitaly medMátrix Integrált Egészségügyi Intézményi Rendszer és a Hospitaly InfoRend Integrált Egészségügyi Rendszer - megtalálható. Rendszereink egyaránt alkalmasak szinte valamennyi ellátási típusban a közfinanszírozott- és a magánegészségügyi szolgáltatók számára is.


  • 2020. novemberében átadásra került a legújabb integrált alkalmazásunk, a szocMátrix elnevezésű Szociális Intézményi Rendszer. Az idős otthonok és a bentlakásos szociális intézmények folyamatainak támogatására és a kapcsolódó egészségügyi tevékenységek dokumentálásásra, az EESZT kapcsolat bonyolítására alkalmas megoldásunk tovább bővíti az egyébként is széles termék portfólinkat.


  • Cégünk - szakmai együttműködési megállapodás keretében  - részt vett egy "Virtuális kutató szoba" elnevezésű projektben, amelyel egészségügyi adathalmazokból matematikusok bevonásával és Big Data módszertan segítségével klinikai hipotézisek vizsgálatát valósította meg. Bővebben a "" WEB lapon lehet olvasni a projekt eredményeiről.


  • Again we put on the market a new product, the PraxisMatrix. Hospitaly Kft. offers cloud based IT services to practice communities. PraxisMatrix is promoting lifestyles and habits that lessen the risks of premature and avoidable death and improve the individual’s condition. This WEB-based product assisted service supports work at practice communities, especially the health check and risk related categorization of patients, who need or who are planning lifestyle changes. The informatics background supporting the project management's work to.


  • The latest product of Hospitaly, FESZMatrix, has been completed. FESZmatrix is an independent, occupational healthcare software, which It fully supports occupational healthcare activities. FESZmatrix supports the entirety of administrative activities of occupational healthcare institutions, and can electronically manage and store all types of legally required documents.


  • Following the success of OnkoLogistic system launched last year, we have developed a system for managing patient flow at cardiology departments. CardioLogistic is a web based, thin client solution that stores data on a private cloud storage server.

  • We have finished the development of our newest product, the “FESZmátrix” software that supports occupational healthcare services. This solution can be used individually or embedded in Hospitaly “medMátrix” Integrated Healthcare Institutional System. One of the main advantages of this new system is that it can be used simultaneously by several occupational healthcare physicians.
  • The Cluster of Hungarian Medical Manufacturers and Service Providers (Magyar Medikai Gyártók és Szolgáltatók Klasztere) signed a Cooperation Agreement with Széchenyi István University (Győr) at the regional innovation exhibition on April 6. The benefits of this partnership will be seen in the dual medical-engineer training. A Mediklaszter member, Hospitaly Kft participated at the event, the video footage of which can be seen below.
  • We have launched the online appointment-booking module of the “medMátrix” Integrated Healthcare Institutional System, which is the result of a partnership development. With the help of this module patients can book appointments at their physicians anytime from anywhere via the webpage.
  • The Windows 10 version of our award winning product “iKórlap”, is now available at Microsoft Store.


  • We introduced our newest product! We developed a system for regional oncology patient-flow in close cooperation with a county hospital and a university together with their expert oncologists. OnkoLogistic is a web based, thin-client solution that stores data on a private cloud storage server.

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  • The company purchased one of its competitors the Synergon – Inforend Kft, which resulted in the enlargement of its product portfolio, competence and national coverage.
  • Our company is the only ICT developer entrepreneurship admitted to 'MediKlaszter', the The Cluster of Hungarian Medical Manufacturers and Service Providers – Accredited Innovation Cluster


  • Our “iKórlap for W8” application has won first prize at Microsoft’s “No Time To W8” competition.


  • The company’s “iKórlap” product was awarded the 'ICT Innovation of the Year’ prize by IVSZ – The ICT Association of Hungary. The application enhances the pace and efficacy of patient care, assists the compilation of precise and detailed clinical picture, that in turn lessens the number of redundant examinations and eventually raises the quality and efficiency of medicine. It allows General Practitioners to plan their patient’s therapy relying on a much wider and fuller range of information, which leads to faster and less expensive healing, better quality of life for the patient, and less expenses for more effective services for the state and ultimately the tax paying public financing universal healthcare.


  • Hospitaly Kft won the tender for the development of HIS system interfaces connected to the Trace Line system of the Hungarian National Blood Transfusion Service (HNBTS). Our task was to develop a prototype for the extension of HNBTS’ Trace Line system as well as participating in the development of the related HIS systems’ interfaces for county hospitals and university clinics. The development was implemented within the framework of the “Traceability in blood supply chains” project funded by the EEA Norway Financial Mechanisms.


  • The development and introduction of the web-based Hospitaly GP system together with the introduction of the Inter-Institutional Information System (IIS) at the institutions of the South-Danubian Consortium happened within the framework of the MENET2008 tender.
  • This product received the “Software used for drug orders” qualification from the Health Insurance Surveillance Authority.


  • Hospitaly Kft successfully reviewed Kazakhstan’s healthcare system, and worked out the concept for a new operations model together with a feasibility study within the framework of a World Bank project. („Kazakhstan Health Sector Technology Transfer Project – Health Management Information System”)
  • Within the framework of HEFOP 4.4 project, BT Magyarország Kft. as main contractor commissioned our company to develop WEB GP – a Web-based system for General Practitioners of the 3 acceding regions.
  • Hospitaly System performs the most complete integration in the Inter-Institutional Information System (IIS) that has been launched within the framework of HEFOP 4.4.


  • We were the first to test and develop the WEB service functions of the OJOTE System – the Online System for the Surveillance of Legal Status and Social Security Number – of the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary (OEP).
  • We took part in the construction and test running of the participating businesses of the European Electronic Social Security Card within the NETC@RDS project. We also participated in the Electronic Social Security Number Card project covering 3 counties and 18 000 people.


  • Hospitaly Kft. has won the Sybase Certified Partner trophy for our achievements in developing the Hospitaly Integrated Healthcare System.


  • By transforming the Hospitaly product, we won the tender “Software Development on Compaq AlphaServer Platform with Oracle Development Tools”.